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The Mask and More Masks Site

The Mask and More Masks Site contains a whole list of pages dedicated to masquerade.

The whole thing developed from my mask making courses at the Commonwealth Institute in London. The teachers and other students that I taught needed background information. I compiled much of the following for that purpose. Later additons have followed as my knowledge has expanded.

Below is a list of the content and the links that you need to access the site.

I'm Ian Bracegirdle I live in the UK. I would like you to join me in this exploration of mask and more masks. Sign up for the news letter that will be on its way to you in the next few weeks as I build the contacts. As you provide me with thoughts and ideas lets see where we can go........................

©2005 Ian Bracegirdle 1 Elderberry Close East Morton BD20 5WA UK. 01535 692207

Tribal Masks
Tribal masks and traditions from around the World, Africa, The Americas. Oceania, Asia and Europe

Latex Masks Halloween Masks and Fun Masks

A whole area of great infromation devoted to Latex Masks Halloween Masks and Fun Masks with links to suppliers and mask making techniques

Carnival Masks and Masquerade Masks

Carnival masks and the history of masquerade from the earliest times maybe a bit controvertial

American Masks

An introduction to American Masks, North South and Central. Including Mexican Masks, Haida Masks, Kwakiutl Masks, Guatemalan Masks

Entertainment Masks

Entertainment Masks information and listings from all sources. These include Theatre Masks, Film Masks, Wrestling Masks, Noh Masks both old and modern.

mask makers and mask making

The place for Mask Makers and those who wish to know about mask making featuring techniques, experts and galleries.

Help Me Please

Contact me page about masks from all over the World, what I know and what I don't know

African Masks

An introduction to African Masks from many different tribes, including old danced masks, recent masks and decorative masks

About me

About me, why is it that I enjoy masks so much visit me for an exchange of information about masks and related topics

European Masks

An introduction to European Masks, with consideration of European Masks, Austrian Masks, Hungarian Masks, Swiss Masks, French Masks, Spanish Masks, British Masks their styles and influences

Paper Masks

Paper masks, making simple paper face masks using a single piece of paper, use you imagination

Leather masks

Leather Masks

Theatre Masks

An introduction to theatre masks from different times and cultures

Party Masks

An introduction to Party Masks do it yourself or but it that is the question

Wrestling Masks

A Introduction to the traditions of Wrestling masks in UK, Mexico, Japan, USA and other places.

Noh Masks

an page that will introduce you to noh masks the history traditions and makers ancient and modern

The Masked Fool

The fool in masking traditions plays a key role organising the watchers and treading that thin line between sane and insane the spiritual and the material

Join our Newsletter

The sign up page for the the mask and more masks

Museums and exhibitions

An upto date list of exhibitions and museums around the world

Book Reviews

Reviews of books on masks

Fair Trade Sites for Masks

A page with links and affiliate links to sites selling mask using fair trade guidelines.

About Mask and More Masks Site

A descrition of the mask and more masks site the author and the site structure.

African Masks the Art of Creation

African masks were created for specific purposes. The process of creation was often secret and followed set rituals.

The Shaman of Trois Freres

The caves at Trois Freres contain some of the earliest records of shaman masks.

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